Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sugar (cookie) Buzz

Ethan enjoyed having his cousin, Alex, over to the house the other afternoon. Alex is Jim's sister, Gidget's, 8 year old son.

When faced with two, energetic boys, I like to have activities ready to keep their fleeting attention.

Ethan and Alex are 5 years apart in age, so it also comes in handy to have some activities planned to help them in playing together. They are close enough in age to have a lot of fun playing together, but far enough apart that their interests and play styles are different and can use a little guidance now and then.

This afternoon's activity was decorating sugar cookies. Why save these only for Christmas? I love simple sugar cookies and what kid doesn't like frosting and sprinkles?

I gave each boy a rimmed sheet pan with their cookies to decorate. The rimmed pans help control the sprinkles and sugar from spreading all over the table and floor. The frosting covered fingers get things messy enough, so I try to control the chaos and mess in any possible areas.

The boys got into the decorating, Ethan showed off his coordination by decorating with a sprinkle shaker in each hand. Ethan's cookies were full of Phillipsburg Panther spirit with his blue and gold sprinkle combination that he choose for his decorating.

The boys had several different shapes and colors of sprinkles to choose from, along with colored sugars and mini chocolate chips. The cookies came out colorful and fun. I think my little chef's did a great job!

We wrapped up Alex's cookies for him to take home and share with his Mom. Ethan didn't have many cookies left, as he somehow managed to sneak 3 cookies while I was cleaning up. Ugh - the resulting sugar buzz from all those cookies in his little body kept him wired the rest of the evening.

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  1. Yum! I made sugar cookies this good!

    I saw your post on my blog. Good luck to you this month!

    Hopefully you don't have to go through the internal. I didn't have to do one when I started clomid, just had to have one since I've been on it so long (going on 4 months)but yeah, they suck.

    Hopefully we'll get a tenant this month ;)

    Talk to you soon!