Friday, January 22, 2010

Living Room - Home Tour Part 2

In the last installment of our home tour, I showed you our newly redone Master Bedroom.

Today, I'll show you the first room in our house that you see when you walk in the front door - our living room. I like to call the style of our living room as Country Elegent. I tried to mix Jim's love of outdoors and our life in rural Kansas with my love of sparkley crystal and dark wood finishes.

Front Entry and Coat Closet

We use the little, antique stand for holding our mail and my purse. It's a great organization piece of furniture for our household and was a birthday gift from my parents a couple of years ago. Usually, the tiled floor is covered in Jim's muddy work boots and various pairs of Ethan and my shoes but I actually picked them up before snapping these pictures.


Sitting Area

Jim's prize, trophy buck is featured in this room. I'm not a fan, but we all make compromises when sharing a home. I'm sure he's not a fan of many of my little knick-knacks. Jim actually got a bigger deer this year. I told Jim he could hang it on the wall when he got me a bigger home that could handle multiple deer mounts. I think our home's maximum ratio is already met.

Sitting Area - Opposite View

The little desk at the end of the couch is where Ethan colors. The rocking chair was an auction find and is super comfortable and unique in its' construction. I have it covered in a brown blanket throw until I get around to changing the upholstery.

Entertainment Center

The entertainment center is one of my first furniture purchases. It's from Walmart and was a big splurge in my college days. I'm impressed at how well it has held up over the years. The under cupboards on the left hold bins of Ethan's toys and the ones on the right have our DVD collection. I love closed door storage! The display case is full of our crystal and other pretties and the red train, in the middle, was my brothers before he passed away. On top of the entertainment center we display our family pictures and a picture of each of our siblings and their families.

Thanks for stopping by for another peak inside our Home on the Range in Phillipsburg, Kansas where we are Sunflower Living.

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