Thursday, August 19, 2010

First Day of Preschool

Ethan went off to his first day of preschool this morning. Last night, I prayed that God would give my baby boy wisdom, patience, kindness and courage to take this big step. God answered my prayers, as Ethan was beaming with joy to go to preschool today and his teacher gave me a glowing report on his behavior. I'm such a proud Mommy!

After taking the customary "first day of school" photo, we set off walking to the Gingerbread House Preschool. It's located just around the corner from our home, so it makes for a nice little walk for us.

Upon arrival, Ethan was greeted with big hugs from two girls that Ethan use to attend daycare with. I'm not ready for the girls to be swarming around my innocent little boy yet.

Good Friends...and such cuties! I'm so thankful that Ethan has friends that he already knows and can play with on his first day.
Ryann, Hannah & Ethan

In his element - digging in the dirt.

This is how I left him this morning. I was glad to see him having so much fun and ready for me to leave. I somehow managed to not even shed a tear while walking back home. I think knowing he was there with friends, great teachers and fully prepared for this journey, made me excited and filled with joy for my baby big boy.