Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Halloween 2010 Recap

So it's been almost a month, but I still wanted to share some photos from Halloween. I've been terrible at blogging lately but hope to get remotivated to regular posting with the holiday activities lining up.

Ethan dressed up as a police man for Halloween this year and I found a cute outfit to take him trick-or-treating in. I decided that I was a Fashion Police prisoner for wearing horizontal stripes on a clinging fabric in public. Not very flattering but I think we make a great pair!

Originally, Ethan wanted to be a dinosaur but we couldn't find an appropriate costume. We actually found this police costume at Menards. I never would have guessed to shop for Halloween costumes at a hardware store. All the police gadgets sold Ethan on the costume. He loved having handcuffs and a gun to play with. Plus, Daddy was also a real police man on Halloween so that added another layer of fun.

We only went to a couple of houses for trick-or-treating. Ethan liked seeing his Grandma and a couple of close friends but wasn't interested in going to very many houses. We were lucky to pull up to this little girl's house just as she was heading out. She is a very good friend of Ethans - aren't they adorable?!

After going to about five houses, we returned home and Ethan really enjoyed handing out candy to the kids that came to our home.