Monday, January 4, 2010

Master Bedroom Makeover - Home Tour Part 1

This past summer, we finally made over our Master Bedroom. It was time for us to grow up, get rid of the mismatched college furniture and have a bedroom that actually reflected that adults reside in the house. Plus, Jim wasn't too fond of my elbow in his back for the majority of the night due to our much too small bed!

When I started planning out the makeover, I knew that I needed some help.

I reached out to my Internet buddy and fabulous home decorator, Lauren, for some help. She graciously designed an Idea Board for my bedroom. You can view some of her awesome design Idea Boards over at her blog, With Two Cats.

My Idea Board designed by Lauren:

I loved the color scheme of sage green and chocolate brown. It seemed so relaxing and sophisticated. I loved the punches of coral but, unfortunately, I had a lot of trouble finding pieces that I liked when shopping in my limited availability of stores in the area. I used a lot of her suggestions and ideas for inspiration and then tweaked to what was easily available our here in rural Kansas and within our tight budget.

Now that I had my road map, it was time to do lots of shopping and painting to get the room in order.

And now for the finished product...

Here is the view of our room from the entry door:

My first design dilemma that Lauren was able to solve for me was what to do with our offset, small window behind the bed. You can see the light from that window in the picture to get an idea of its' placement. Lauren suggested a genius idea of making a faux curtain wall of windows through the illusion of drapes spread behind the head board. I love how the curtains frame the bed.

We also used Lauren's wall color suggestion for inspiration in picking out our paint. We used Whispering Wheat from Glidden that we color matched with Behr's Premium Plus paint line.

The bed frame, headboard and bedside tables are from Ashley Furniture. The bedding is from Target and the bedside lamps are from Walmart.

The left wall in our room is covered in closet doors. We have two full closets. The first closet, on the left, is full of closet shelving for folded clothes and our shoes. The second closet is for all of our hanging clothes.

We painted the closet doors and trim in the room a nice, bright white with Painter's White color by Behr. Changing the trim and doors from oak wood to white really brightened the room and updated the style.

Because I love any opportunity to snoop, here's a glimpse of inside our closet. I'm not the neatest person but I am rather organized. My hanging clothes are arranged by type and then by color.

Our right wall is another window. We hung the curtains slightly outside and above the window frame to make the illusion of grander windows. It's one of my favorite decorating tricks. I also prefer the look of full length curtains to continue with the illusion of bigger windows.

Brown curtains are faux duponi silk curtains available at Walmart.

I completely fell in love with the art print that Lauren had found for our Idea Board. It captured our love of the country and I loved that it tied in the colors of sage and brown. The largest the print came in was 8x10 so I grouped it with some other items on floating shelves that we installed.

Floating shelves from Hobby Lobby.

This is the view from the other side of the room:

I really liked the idea of a dark wood, low dresser that Lauren had picked out. This dresser used to be Jim's childhood dresser that was in storage in our basement. It was a bright, orange pine and had bulky, brass hardware. I sanded and painted the dresser for a money saving renovation and replaced the hardware to bring the style up to date.

I absolutely adored the flower vase that Lauren suggested for on top of the dresser. If you look closely, it's actually metal twigs. I liked the idea of a nature inspired element but couldn't find a similar item in any of the stores I looked at. I finally found this wooden beauty that had the same natural element, even though it was a different shape. It is the perfect landing place for all the junk Jim carries in his pockets.

One idea that Lauren gave me was to use a rug to anchor the bed and provide another layer of design. I never would have thought to put a rug under the bed. See, she's full of great ideas and inspiration!

In order to save money, I opted for a runner sized rug at the end of the bed instead of a full sized rug since most of the rug would be under the bed and not be seen. This swap saved us hundreds of dollars.

Rug found at Target and it was on sale too!

I'm not a huge fan of lots of excess throw pillows but I found this checkered one at Walmart and it was the perfect combination of colors to tie in our bedding and our rug. The little white pillow is the ring bearer's pillow from our wedding.

Well, I think that's everything in our little room!

Thanks again Lauren for the fabulous Idea Board. Make sure ya'll check out here other Idea Boards here or pay her blog a visit.


  1. Looks fantastic, Tara! Glad that I could help a little with your design :)

  2. Couldn't have done it without your assistance!