Friday, January 8, 2010

brrr...I should have just stayed in bed

Ugh, it is so flippin cold outside! Yesterday, we were colder than Alaska out here in Western Kansas. There is something very wrong with this. Sometimes I question our sanity for choosing to live on the plains, where the wind blows with no obstructions and with a negative wind-chill.

The day started on the wrong foot. The very first thing I do when I wake up is make coffee. I do this before going to the bathroom or even turning on the lights. Today I stumbled into the kitchen to make my beloved coffee and found that the coffee canister was empty! How the heck did I not notice that I was out of coffee? This is when I knew it was going to be one of those days where things start off on the wrong foot and never seem to get back on track.

Getting Ethan and myself dressed and ready this morning actually went pretty smoothly, which is rare. Heh...maybe I was wrong and it wouldn't be that bad of a day.

After we got ready and had our coats, gloves, hats and boots on and were ready to walk out the door, I noticed a huge puddle of pee right in front of our door. Our dog is almost 5 years old and yet he still has occasional accidents. So I had to grab the paper towels and cleaning supplies and sop up dog piss. gross.

We finally get out the door and I find that my garage door opener is dead so I've got to climb out of the warm car and into the freezing cold to shut the garage door. No biggie but I was already annoyed by the dog and, by now, running late.

I get to Ethan's daycare provider and realize that I had forgotten my checkbook to pay this week's bill. So I drop off Ethan and run back to the house to pick up the checkbook. Luckily, we only live a couple of houses down so it isn't far but puts me even later.

When I return to Ethan's daycare, I find that the daycare provider had been locked out of her house when she ran into the garage. She used my cell phone to call her husband to let her back into the house since all the little ones were completely ignoring our knocking on the door. I waited in the cold garage with her for a few minutes until her husband came to the rescue and let her back into the house.

All this time, I still haven't had my much needed cup of morning coffee. By this point, I'm pretty late for work so I make the logical decision to go ahead and be even later. Not the most rational thought, but what can I say, I haven't had any coffee to help my brain function.

It's been a crappy morning, so I decide to treat myself to a latte and breakfast pastry from the new coffee shop in town. We don't have a Starbucks anywhere even remotely close to Phillipsburg so my options are pretty limited for getting coffee in the morning if I don't make it myself. I get my latte and scone and the total is over $6 for this little breakfast treat. I flinch at the total - I could have gotten a donut and cappuccino at the bakery for only $2. Oh well, I decide it will be worth it to savor at my desk and to get the day back on track.

I finally arrive back at my office and go to drink my latte. By now, the foam on top has disappeared and I'm down to half a cup of coffee. Now my $6 breakfast is looking really pitful. I take a bite of the cranberry, orange scone and it is surprisingly good. Now things are starting to look better. I go to take a sip of my coffee and I'm so sorry to report this because I really want to support local businesses and their efforts but it was disappointing. An unpleasant mixture of too sweet and strangely bitter. I've had their coffee before and it was ok, so maybe this is just a fluke. It's been almost three hours and I'm still sipping away at it. I really need the caffeine and I'm far too cheap to throw it away so I'm still sipping it down. Next time, make your own coffee and skip the expensive coffee shop stuff but treat yourself to their cranberry, orange scones. You'll get the best of all worlds.

I'm so glad its Friday and I just have to get through the rest of today and then it's time to enjoy the weekend.

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