Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pound Puppy

Introducing the newest member of our family - Dexter

I told you the other day that Jim had fallen for a dog at the Phillipsburg City Pound. Jim talked about the dog for about a week and even gave him a name. As soon as he was named, I started preparing mentally for the dog to join our family.

He was scheduled to be put down on Monday, if no one came to claim him. I wasn't surprised when Jim came home with a dog at lunch time on Monday afternoon.

He has an appointment with the vet today, where he'll hopefully get a clean bill of health and maybe the vet can tell us a little about his background. I'm curious about his breed and age. I'm guessing him to be a golden lab mix and slightly under a year old. Any other guesses?

I wonder, too, about his background before he ended up in the pound. He seems to be well cared for but doesn't appear to recognize any commands. Our guess is that someone got a cute, fluffy puppy and was not prepared for a very big and frisky dog. Growing up with large retriever dogs, I know they are wonderful companion dogs but are ornery teenagers that have a lot of energy and love to chew through things. From Dexter's actions, we think he probably spent the majority of his life in a crate and wasn't trained properly. Hopefully, he's still young enough that we can train him to have good doggy manners. I'm looking forward to him learning to not jump up and cover me with mud.

I love having a buddy to go on runs with me. Maybe I'll actually get into a routine now that I have a jogging partner...or maybe not. Jim will be taking him out into the fields this weekend to see if there is any potential for a hunting companion.

And now for my PSA - Adopt a pet in need of a home and save a life. It's a great feeling.


  1. I love Dexter! He is adorable! Congrats on the new addition. I would go with a lab/retriver mix as well. We have a lab mix and he is the best dog ever :)

  2. Thanks Amber! Glad to see another KS blogger!!