Sunday, January 24, 2010

Great Millie

Yesterday, we went to visit my Grandma, who was recently moved from Phillipsburg to an assisted living facility in Beloit, KS. At our house, she is known as "Great Millie," as that is what Ethan calls her instead of Great-Grandma Millie. She gets a good laugh out of being titled as "great."

Here we are, four generations of Masons - Grandma Millie, my Dad, me and Ethan.

About two weeks ago, she was in the hospital and had coded twice. We received a couple of calls from the medical staff that the time was getting close, but each time her fighting spirit won. It's remarkable how quickly she has gained strength and is back to her social self. She has defied the odds before and she is proving that she still has a lot of fight left in her 94 year old self.  What an improvement since my last visit!

On the drive up to visit Grandma, we stopped in Cawker City to see the World's Largest Ball of Twine.

I don't recommend visiting the twine ball on a rainy day. It was rather smelly. Movie Trivia Fact: The Ball of Twine is featured in the John Travolta movie "Michael."

While we visited with Grandma Millie, my cousin, Brad, took Ethan outside to visit the facility's pond. They have an assortment of chickens, ducks and peacocks. This is the view from my Grandma's room and it's really nice to watch the birds from her window.

Ethan crawled up in "Great Millie's" lap for awhile and with only a little bribing, agreed to pose for a photograph. I think I may still owe him a cookie...

Ethan and Grandma have had a special relationship and he got good and spoiled from being her only great grandchild living in the same town.

Pretty soon, the grown up visiting got boring and Ethan found a cuddly spot with his Grandma.

After a good visit, we left so that Grandma could cheer on "her boys", the KU Basketball team. Ethan and I napped in the car while Grandpa Mason drove us back to Phillipsburg.


  1. What a great update, Tara! Thanks! Grandma looks great! You are such a sweet family to be there for her.

  2. Thanks for the picture!!! and the updates.
    Love you