Monday, January 18, 2010

Birthday Girl

I celebrated my 27th birthday on January 14th - Happy Birthday to Me!

I'm starting to feel like a real adult and not a kid playing "house" and pretending to be an adult. In some ways, I feel accomplished for my age but, in other ways, I feel behind where I pictured myself being at this point in my life.

For 27, I think I've accomplished a lot on my life list. I've been married for almost five years, have a wonderful three year old son, completed my MBA degree and we have owned our home for about 4.5 years. On the flip side, about a year and a half ago, I lost my job and that put me behind my career and professional goals. I'm enjoying my new found career but I still feel like I'm lacking some professional fulfillment with my current position.

Now on to the fun birthday stuff...

Jim took Ethan to pick out a card for me. I loved the bright and cheerful card that Ethan selected. The inside of the card made me laugh. Ethan signed the card in his typical scribble but was not satisfied with how Jim wrote on the card. Ethan instructed Daddy to sign his name like he did. So my card was adorned with my two boy's scribble signatures. Too cute! (Daddy on the top and Ethan on the bottom.)

I'm a little bit of a birthday princess and would love to have surprises and lots of attention. However, I know Jim is the opposite and have learned to not expect a big show of emotions and showering of gifts at occasions. Since I knew there probably wouldn't be any presents from my boys to open, I took the matter into my own hands.

I took Ethan shopping and let him pick out something for my birthday from him. Ethan really wanted to get me a Webkins stuffed animal but I nudged him in a different direction.

Didn't Ethan do a great job? I love this dainty necklace that can be dressed up or worn casual. There are definite benifits to picking out your own gift.

My sister sent me a wonderful birthday surprise. I covered some of my favorite things in December and she picked one out and surprised me with it for my birthday.

I am in love with this print. It's pretty good sized and I lucked out in finding the perfect sized frame on clearance at Target. Currently, I have it hanging in our home office. It landed there since there were already nails from an old picture that hung in this spot. I'm not sure if this will be its' permanent home but, for now, it looks great and reminds me of two of my great loves and how I start my morning every day - drinking coffee and catching up on my favorite blogs.

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