Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy birthday dear Jesus. Happy birthday to you!

In order to help teach Ethan the true meaning of Christmas, I decided to take a note from my Aunt Patti and throw a birthday party for Jesus this afternoon.

I made this cake, which was moist, chocolately and really easy! My parents came over around 1:00 p.m. and we read the story of Jesus' birth from chapter Luke and a children's board book about baby Jesus that Ethan has.

We all sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and than Ethan blew out the candle. (My Dad said he tried to find 2009 candles but our small grocery store didn't have enough in stock so we had to settle for one.)

Ethan played with his grandparents for a little while and is now settled down for a nap. Oh how I love nap time!

We're keeping our fingers crossed that the howling wind doesn't drift the snow too much and we'll be able to make the drive to the farm this evening for our annual Christmas Eve with Jim's parents. Country roads can get nasty during the winter. Thank goodness for four wheel drive!

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