Friday, December 25, 2009

Decorated Sugar Cookies

Merry Christmas!

No, I'm not blogging on Christmas day. I'm trying to be organized and typing up this post early and letting it self publish. Hopefully, I'm playing with Ethan and his new toys and enjoying our family.

Knowing myself, I'm also stuffing way too many sugary goodies into my mouth right about now. I figure since I'm eating some calories on Santa's behalf Christmas Eve, some Christmas magic should be involved and those calories shouldn't count.

Every year I make sugar cookies and every year I remember what a pain they are. However, I strongly believe that you can't be a kid at Christmas and not have decorated sugar cookies.

I used this recipe for the sugar cookie dough. I made the dough a few days in advance and made a dozen cookies to make sure that I liked the recipe. Those cookies came out perfectly - soft, fluffy and the right amount of sweetness. I froze the dough and thawed it out when ready to make the cookies on the 23rd. This time, however, big cookie failure! The cookies did not want to come off the cookie sheets and they were very fragile. A lot of broken cookies ended up in the trash.

Cookie Fail
None of the candy cane cookies came off the pan and all ended up down the disposal.

After rolling out the dough, I painted them with egg yolks colored with a few drops of food coloring and thinned out with a small splash of water. I made red, yellow, blue and green. I just used water color brushes to paint the cookies. Ethan loves to help out with this step.

The painted cookies prior to baking.

After struggling to get the cookies off the pan, it was finally time for the fun part - decorating! Ethan helped decorate the cookies but I'm pretty sure more sprinkles and M&Ms ended up in his tummy than on the cookies. I used a simple butter cream frosting for decorating and a powder sugar glaze for coating.

We'll leave a nice big plate out for Santa, along with a cold glass of milk.

Top left snowflake was decorated by my favorite 3 yr old pastry chef.

Ethan gave them his stamp of approval and than was up until 11:00 p.m. from the sugar rush...ugh!

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