Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Birthday & Anniversary Party

Last night we had my parents over to our house for my Dad's 64th birthday and to also celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary.

I set our small table with our wedding china to set the mood that it was a special occasion. I also just like any excuse to get out my pretties from time to time. For a centerpiece, I set up a variety of our crystal candlesticks and placed pinecones in the middle for a rustic effect to contrast with the sparkling crystal and fine china and to keep it from getting too formal.

I also got out Ethan's good dishes, which were a baby present from my Auntie Jill. I just love the Bunnykins line. I really like that this set has a fire truck scene and is just perfect for a little boy.

For dinner, Jim made Beer Can Chicken on the outdoor grill. I love how moist and golden brown the chicken turns out from this cooking method.

Chicken with a beer can up it' know where.

While Jim was grilling the chicken, I tended to the side dishes. We had grilled asparagus, parmesan crusted mashed potatoes in individual ramekins and Ethan's personal favorite, crescent rolls.

My Mom provided the birthday cake. She decided to go with a Bouche Noel cake. Ethan got a kick out of the log shape and my Mom said she chose this cake to reflect my Dad's love of gardening.

Following dinner and dessert, we headed to our basement family room where we introduced my parents to the Wii. This was their first time ever playing a video game and I think they had a good time. Dad must have had some birthday luck, as he dominated the Wii bowling game.

Ethan and his Papa (and Bailey) took a break from the grueling bowling match to play trains.

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