Monday, December 28, 2009

And He Grew...

Here is my description of a truly happy land...

Sons vigorous and tall as growing plains...

I went to get Ethan dressed this morning and all those sugar cookies he ate over Christmas must have caused a serious growth spurt!

He's definitely rocking the highwater pants today. Poor little (or should I say big?) boy. I swear those pants fit just fine last week. Luckily, he's still young enough not to know any better or to be bothered by such trivial details.

It seems that children's pants are either too big or too small. There's such a short timeframe with the clothes actually fit correctly!

Looks like I'll be shopping for some new pants next time we venture out of town and go someplace that has a mall. Until we can get to a clothing store, take pity on my poor little ragamuffin.

*I did suggest that we should change into his jeans that do still fit, but Ethan insisted on wearing his "soft" pants and not "crunchy" jeans. We were already struggling with getting out the door to daycare after being home on Christmas break for so long, so I didn't feel like arguing for the sake of fashion. I try to pick my battles and save the tantrums for truly important matters.

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