Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dining Room - Home Tour Part 3

In the previous installments of our home tour, we have taken a look at our master bedroom and living room. Today, I'm excited to share our dining room.

View of the dining room from our front door.

Our family room flows directly into our dining room area and kitchen. The dining room is the most colorful room in our home. Jim left for a weekend bachelor party and when he returned, I had painted the dining room an orangish-red color. I love how the punch of color brought in some visual interest to the room and also made the feel of our home more warm, modern and inviting. Painting the back wall also provided a focal point and helped define the dining room space, since it's an open layout.

Our dining table is on the small side, but it fits our family of three well. Someday, I'll have a larger table so we can actually have company over and fit more people comfortably.

The small baker's rack, on the back wall, holds my collection of cook books. I love cook books and like to have them handy and on display. The art work of the three trees, which hangs above the baker's rack, is one of my favorite finds. It truly made the room. The colors of the trees tie together the green of the kitchen and the burnt orange of the dining room perfectly.

Along the small, side wall of the dining room, we have a hanging display shelf. It holds two of my antique, glass chicken dishes in the middle. (There is a larger, white version of these chicken dishes that sits in the middle of the table. It was a gift from my Auntie Jill and I adore it.)

The top and bottom shelves are filled with our shot glass collection. Jim and I rarely drink, so this is kind of an odd collection for us to have on display. Sometimes I wonder if it gives off the wrong impression. But then I remember that anyone who really knows us, and is in our home, will know what sticks in the mud we actually are. They probably think a few drinks would do us good! Anyway, we started collecting these shot glasses when we were dating in college to have keepsakes of the places we visited. It's nice to look at them and remember some of our adventures. We have shot glasses from Hawaii, Las Vegas, Mexico, New Orleans, ski trips, our favorite college bars and other wonderful places we have traveled together.

Off this wall, there is a door that leads to our laundry room. Further along this wall, is the stairway that leads to our basement.

My future plans for this room is to someday have it laid out in a way to accommodate a larger dining table. We have a lot of open floor space between the living room and dining room table that I don't feel is utilized to its' fullest potential for space and function. I am also on the hunt for new curtains for the window behind the table. I would like something that ties together the colors of the kitchen and dining room. I was thinking of a chocolate brown or golden tan curtain with flecks of green and orange woven in to it, but I haven't been able to find anything remotely close.

Thanks for stopping by for another peak inside our Home on the Range in Phillipsburg, Kansas where we are Sunflower Living.

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