Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Engagement Anniversary

Yesterday was the anniversary of our engagement. Six years ago, Jim proposed and we started building our life together.

I went to a PEO meeting yesterday evening and Karen Rankin had the program. She did a wonderful presentation on the history of Valentine's Day. Everyone at the meeting was invited to share their favorite Valentine's memory. Out of the nine members that were present, I think six shared that they were engaged over Valentine's Day. This prompted me to remember that we also got engaged at this time and I shared our engagement story.

Jim proposed to me on February 15, 2004. We had been dating for about four years at this point, since we were in high school.

I had accidently found the receipt for the engagement ring, when Jim purchased the ring in April 2003. I knew he had the ring for almost a year before he finally proposed. It was such a torment to know that he had the ring and to have to wait for him to pop the question.

Every holiday and special date came and went with no proposal. I would get my hopes up every time - 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Eve, my birthday, etc. Still there was no ring. I was getting pretty impatient by this point.

Valentine's Day was approaching and was tired of getting my hopes up and then not getting that ring on my finger. I'm not the most patient person in the world. I told Jim that I thought Valentine's Day proposals were over rated and unoriginal. I didn't actually feel this way but I was trying to prepare myself for not being proposed to during the most romantic day of the year and having my hopes crushed and ruining Valentine's Day for us.

Little did I know, Jim had been planning on proposing on Valentine's Day. I ruined it and still feel badly for pitching my little hissy fit and ruining his plans. This was a wonderful lesson in patience. Sometimes it's good to let go of my controlling tendencies and let things happen and not try to dictate how and when they should happen.

So Valentine's Day came and I have no idea how we celebrated. The next day came and I was in a very sulky and foul mood. I had really hoped to be proposed to, even though I had specifically said that I didn't want it. Irrational and bitchy, I know, and I'm ashamed at my immature behavior.

Jim worked hard all day to cheer me up. I finally got over my bad attitude and we decided to take a walk to the park. (We were living in Hays, KS at the time and went for a walk to Frontier Park that was about a mile from Jim's apartment.)

We checked out the limestone fireplaces that are in the building located behind the playset in this picture. The year before, on Valentines, we had grilled hamburgers and roasted marshmallows in this pit and had carved our initials. We searched for our initials and I was delighted to see that they were still there, a year later. Yep, we vandalized public property - shame on us.

We then walked across the bridge at Frontier Park. In the middle of the bridge, Jim asked me to marry him. He didn't get down on one knee, that's not his style or personality. He held me close and whispered it in my ear. It was intimate, private, personal and perfect for us.

Of course, I said YES!

I still love my ring, the man who gave it to me, and it was worth the wait!

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