Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom Knowles

On Sunday, we went out to the farm to celebrate Jim's mom, Shirley's, birthday. It was a milestone birthday, but we'll keep it a secret on how old her birth certificate says she is. She still looks much younger than her age dictates she should.

All of her children were able to attend the birthday lunch celebration, as well as the grandkids. Shirley and Steve's moms were also there for the birthday party. (Ethan has three great-grandmothers. Isn't he lucky?)

We had a classic, Sunday lunch of fried chicken, mashed potatoes and lots of additional sides. The fried chicken was actually picked up at the local grocery store's deli and is the Chester Chicken brand. It was really good with lots of meat on the pieces of chicken. We were all impressed with the quality.

We were in charge of providing the birthday cake. We also had ice cream, with about fifteen different toppings to choose from, and brownies. I started with a piece of cake and then went back a little while later to make a brownie, ice cream sundae. I was stuffed by the time we left. Ethan and I took 2 hour naps when we got back home - we were full, happy and exhausted.

Ethan entertained himself by playing on this bouncing horse. It's been in the family for many generations and Ethan just loves it.

After a filling lunch, we took a few moments to capture some family photos. My camera's batteries were dying, so I missed a lot of the pictures and had to rush to capture the few that I did. Unfortunately, the quality is not very good.

Shirley with her grandsons - Alex, Ethan, Hunter and Zach

Four Generations - Jim, Ethan, Shirley and Eleanor

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