Wednesday, February 3, 2010

You Look So Familar...

Has anyone ever told you that you resembled a celebrity?

I found this entertaining website today that allows you to upload your picture and then returns with a sampling of celebrities that it has matched you with. It was fun to upload different pictures and see how a different hairstyle or pose would alter the results.

Have a chuckle with us on which celebrities we were matched with.

I think it's funny that Jim and Ethan were each matched with Topher Grace, from That 70's Show, and I think there is a resemblance when you look at the matched photos.
Which matches do think are the most accurate?
Which matches do think really missed the mark?
Share your thoughts in the comments section.


  1. You:
    Most alike: First set, top row, third from left
    Most unlike: Sarah Jessica Parker. Her face is so long and yours is much more round shaped.

    Most alike: Maybe a mix between Tom Brady's jaw line and Topher Grace.
    Most unlike: The old men in the second set.

  2. I like the Tom Brady comparison. I don't think Jim looks like him, but it's nice to think there's some resemblence.

    Jim threatened to tell everyone that I got matched with Ricki Lake (does he not realize I already "told" by posting this blog?) and I told him that I'd share that he was matched with William Shakespeare and whoever that other old dude is and that his son was matched with almost only females. (I must admit that the match to Dakota Fanning is pretty close.)

    I think those matches are much worse than being matched with Ricki Lake.