Friday, July 2, 2010

Vacation - Day Four

For our fourth day of vacation, we decided to take advantage of our lake front cabin and give fishing a try. My husband is an avid hunter but hasn't fished since his childhood. I haven't tried fishing since I was probably last at the cabin, at the age of 5, so I didn't have high hopes for reeling in the big catch of the day.

After finishing up breakfast, the boys went down to the lake to cast out their lines and see if the fish were biting. Ethan really enjoyed picking out his bait from all the colorful options that Uncle Bill provided us with.

Within a few minutes, the first fish of the day was hooked. A small sized rainbow trout was quickly reeled in. Don't they look proud?

A boy and his dog out fishing - all is right in the world.


Ethan's First Fish!! He caught and reeled it in all by himself and you could hear him squealing with pride for miles.

He wasn't too sure about the slimy, floppy little fish.

How big was your fish, Ethan? I guess fisherman start telling fishing tales at a young age.

My catch of the day. I must brag, I caught the largest fish of the day. I also caught the biggest sunburn - ouch. Guess I'll be adding some more freckles this summer.

Patiently waiting to catch a few more fish to make sure we had enough for a fish fry for dinner. We only fished for a couple of hours and easily caught our maximum number of fish for our permits.

We had a wonderful time fishing at Snake Lake in Red Feather Lakes, CO. It was so nice and relaxing to sit out on the edge of the lake and take in the scenery. Plus, the trout fish jump out of the water to catch bugs and make for great entertainment.

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