Sunday, July 4, 2010

Vacation - Day Five

For our last day of our Colorado vacation, we spent the day exploring the lakes that make up Red Feather Lakes, CO, hiking the wild flower covered meadows and climbing the granite rock formations. We hiked for miles, took a picnic lunch with us and climbed the highest rock peaks that we could find in the area. The views from the top were awe inspiring.

So much to explore.

Getting a boost from Daddy.

Views from the top - Part of Roosevelt National Park

The most beautiful spot that I discovered during our hikes. I could take in this view for hours.

We loved the time we sent out in Red Feathers and hope to have the opportunity to return. It was so nice to enjoy a relaxing vacation. It seems like most of our travels involve non-stop activities and trying to cram in as much as possible while visiting a city. It was such a nice change to have no set agenda and just slow down and enjoy each other as a family and recharge in the great outdoors.

Jim and I really fell in love with Colorado. We've had many long conversations about the possibility of actually moving out there. Anyone know of any good jobs in the area? It might be time for this Dorothy to get out of Kansas and we just need to find the right yellow brick road to follow. ;)

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