Friday, July 23, 2010

We All Scream for Ice Cream

These cake, ice cream cones are the perfect treat for summer, without the drips and melting mess!

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream!

Which flavor can I scope for you?



Ethan took these treats to daycare yesterday and they were a hit with all the kids...and the adults, too.


  • Bake a cake, following package directions and cool completely. (I used chocolate for these but wouldn't strawberry cake look great in the strawberry cones?)

  • Crumble cake into a bowl and mix with one can of frosting until well combined. (Smooshing the cake into the frosting, using a spatula, seems to work best for me.)

  • Using a small, cookie scope, scope up the cake mixture and place on a baking sheet. No need to roll them into perfect ball, the rough scopes will look more like real ice cream scopes and make these so simple to make.

  • Refridgerate the cake balls overnight or place in freezer to speed up the process.

  • Cut a waffle cone down to fit the cake balls.

  • Cover the cake ball with melted, white Candy Coating, tinted to whatever color you choose. (Make sure you coat down a little bit from the ball to the cone so that they stick well together.)

  • Add Sprinkles while coating is still wet.

  • Allow to dry.

  • Add some melted, chocolate candy coating to the top to make the "hot fudge" sauce.

  • Top with a red, Pretzel M&M for the "cherry."

  • Enjoy!
For complete cake ball directions and other inspiration, check out Bakerella.


  1. these are so cute! I don't have a good reason to make them, but i may have to try it out anyway! Can't wait to see you in about a week! (we are getting back the tues before rodeo, so we will have to meet up!)

  2. Just the cutest! Is it hard to cut the cones down without them cracking and breaking?

  3. Julie - Just make sure you use a serrated knife and the cones will be easy to saw through. Don't try to push the knife through, use a slow, sawing motion to keep the cones from crumbling or cracking.