Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Easter Pops

Well hello there blogging world. It's been a long time! I hope you missed me a little bit because I sure missed you. I took some time away from the blog to sort out some personal issues and then my laptop decided to get the "blue screen of death," as my repair man called it, and I just now got it back to working order.

I made these cute, little cake pops for Easter this year. For directions on all things cake pops, check out Bakerella's website.

The bunny's nose is from heart shaped sprinkles and the ears are made from pastel colored candy corn. When you flip the bunny over, you see his fluffy tail made from a mini marshmallow.

The chick's feet were made from flower shaped sprinkles and the nose was from a broken piece of candy corn. The eyes on both characters were made from candy pearls and drawn on with editable ink.

Ethan let me borrow his Easter basket to tuck the cake pops in for their transport to the farm for Easter dinner. The bunnies were the biggest hit and their cute little faces were quickly gobbled up.

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  1. We are glad that you are back too! Life throws you some curve balls but I'm glad that you can work through them.