Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Running in Circles...Literally

The other week, I ventured the 3.5 hour trip to Wamego, KS, to see my nephew, Austin, run in the high school track meet. He's a freshman in high school and is competing in long distance. At this particular meet, he competed in the 800m and mile run. I believe that his favorite race is the two mile but they didn't have that distance at the Wamego meet.

Track has been a long standing tradition in my family and it appears that Austin may have received some of the running genes. I did not receive any of the running talent that my parents and siblings were blessed with so I knew there was plenty left over to pass on to the next generation. You're welcome Austin. I could have been selfish and used up some of that talented gene pool but I graciously saved it for you. ;)

Here are some pictures from the meet. I really need to work on my action photography skills. eh. I just don't have the talent for capturing the impressive display of athleticism that was before me. But, I'm a proud aunt, so indulge me in my sharing of my nephew's pictures.

Austin is in the center - black and white uniform. 800m run.

Strong finish to the 800m.

1 mile run

Cathing up to the guy in red...

...and passing him on the final kick!

My older brother is currently getting ready to work the Penn Relays which is a huge meet and sounds like a lot of fun but I'm pretty sure I get to attend even better track meets. You can't beat cheering on your family at the local high school competitions. I'll take the kids over world class athletes any day.

Keep up the great work, Austin! I sure am proud of you.


  1. Does he bounce like his aunt used to? :)

  2. I didn't get called "Tigger" during track for nothing! He has a beautiful running stride. He has luckily not inherited any of my running talents.

  3. Way to run, Austin! You have a huge cheering team -- all us Masons! Proud of you. Aunt Paula