Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Taking it to New Lengths

Wow, I sure have neglected my blog recently. A lot of changes have taken place the last couple of months, but I'll try and catch up on those in upcoming blog posts. The change I want to update you on today is my new haircut.

I don't tend to cut my hair very often or place much importance on my hairstyle, but I was ready for something a little different. My hair had gotten to about chest length and it was weighing me down and had no style or shape left to it. Even wearing it in a ponytail while running was causing problems with it getting matted and tangled.

Saturday, I headed the The Hair Company and Shelli chopped off about 10 inches of hair. I got a shoulder skimming haircut with layers to allow for the waves to come out when I want to wear my hair in its' natural texture.

Here's the finished result:


Blown out with a round brush:

I took these from the built in camera on my work computer first thing in the morning the past two days. Welcome to my office! :)

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