Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's a boy! It's a girl! It's calving time.

Spring has arrived at the farm and calving is in full swing. Jim's Dad was called out to North Dakota for work, so we have been more actively involved in the daily calving work then we have the last few years.

My involvement has always been limited to watching, taking pictures and giving the calves names - much to the disapproval of the men.

This year, I'm getting a little muddier...but still taking lots of pictures. I'm not much help - should I be boiling water? getting ready to cut the umbilical cord? catch the baby calf? (what?! the newborn calf just free falls down to the ground?)

I obviously have a lot to learn.

On Friday, this little baby was born. Welcome Bluebell. (yep, I'm still naming the calves.)

Ethan spends most of his time climbing fences. It's a great activity for a little boy.

This cow was very vocal about her displeasure of us messing with her baby. I can't say that I blame her.

 This calf welcomed the sunshine by scampering and prancing all around the field. Following two horribly windy and cold days, I felt like dancing in the sunshine, too.

 Another Mama keeping a close eye on my actions.

A tip of the hat to you, Mama. I've certainly felt like a milk cow at a certain point in my life.

And maybe this is the real reason that I enjoy hanging out at the farm...

Sorry about that...I apologize for my lack of tact.

We did have one stillborn calf on Saturday morning that Ethan witnessed. He did a good job of asking questions and handling the situation. He has mostly enjoyed retelling this fact to anyone who will listen and it hasn't led to any nightmares.

The calving process has also led to many other interesting questions from Ethan. I wasn't expecting to have the Birds and the Bees talk yet, but we've been venturing into that territory a lot lately. sigh.

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