Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What I'm Craving this St. Patrick's Day

I adore St. Patrick's Day. It's always been a big holiday for my family. My mom loves to celebrate her Irish heritage and use to do it in a big way with a large St. Patrick's Day party. She no longer hosts the elaborate parties but, if I'm lucky, she'll still cook me her famous corned beef and cabbage dinner.

Here are the items that I'm loving for this St. Patrick's Day celebration.

Kitchen & Foodie Cravings

Corned Beef & Cabbage Dinner

Irish Soda Bread

Bailey's Irish Cream for some Irish Coffee

Potato Candy
I haven't tried this recipe before, but thought Ethan would like it and what could be more Irish than potatoes? The candy is basically mashed potatoes mixed with powdered sugar and then rolled with a peanut butter filling.

Fashion & Beauty Cravings

Emerald Green Dress

Personalized Little Boy's Shirt
Ethan would love the truck on this shirt and it's so adorable.

Green with Envy Cocktail Dress
I love the colors in this dress but the $$ price tag makes it completely out of my reach.

Kelly Green Heels by GUESS
I am in love with these shoes! Unfortunately, these pretty babies have been discontinued. Maybe I'll be able to score a pair on ebay someday.

Green Classic Trench by Miss Sixty
The perfect way to add a pop of fresh color to an outfit this Spring.

Home Cravings

Celtic Harp Music
My mom has this on cassette tape and I grew up listening to the beautiful sounds of these classic Irish melodies being played on the harp. It was always my favorite tape that my mother owned and I listened to it all the time - car rides, dancing in the kitchen with my mom, etc. Most of the tunes aren't the well known Irish songs that you instantly think of, but they are beautiful pieces of music. I was excited to find it on CD and plan on ordering a copy for myself and maybe even a modernized copy for my mom.

Four Leaf Clover - Luck Frame

The Irish Tenors
Another selection of Irish music. I love these guys and they are awe-strikingly talented. Just listen to them sing "Danny Boy" and you'll be hooked. Traditional, well known Irish tunes that are perfect for playing on St. Patrick's Day.

Shamrock Chicken
I have a small collection of these covered, chicken dishes. It would be fun to add this little guy to the mix.

Belleek Shamrock Vase
I love Belleek's delicate designs that consist of traditional Irish knots or trellises and the hand painted shamrocks that adorn the pieces.


  1. I freaking love those shoes :) I have a really cute green purse that would look great with them......Happy St. Paddy's Day :)

  2. I'd throw in some music by Van Morrison or The Pogues.

    I'm glad you included pictures of the potato candy. I have a new cookbook that has a recipe for it. Maybe I'll give it a shot.

    I love corn beef and cabbage. I'm the only one in my house who likes it, so I'll need to find a restaurant in the area that serves it on St. Patty's day.