Monday, March 1, 2010

Farm Boy Lovin and Muddin

This weekend, we pulled on our boots and headed out to the farm. Yes, I do own work boots for the farm and they are scuffed, worn and dirty. Those that knew me growing up would probably not have pegged me to be the one that married a farm boy and stayed in the country. It wasn't my plan but love (and Wranglers) makes us do funny things.

This is my in-laws farm out in Kirwin, KS. I love the rustic fence that lines their country road and then, over in the distance, you can see the lake. They have a beautiful bay window in their home that overlooks this view. When Ethan was a baby, I would sit in their rocking chair and rock Ethan and soak up this scenery. It's my favorite spot in their home to just sit quietly and daydream. This lake is where I fell in love with my farm boy. We would spend our summers out here, when we were dating in high school, going for Jeep rides or exploring the wildlife reserve. Now it's Ethan's favorite place for exploring and adventures.

Ethan's favorite toy out at the farm is this little car. It was difficult to find a piece of ground that wasn't a sloppy, muddy mess in order for him to drive the car that he calls “Cozy Coo.”

Of course, we had to check out the chickens. I love the supply of farm fresh eggs that we receive from these feathered friends.

After the chickens, Ethan was ready to hit the swing set. Check out those muddy shoes - we were a muddy mess by the time we loaded up to head home!

Our newest dog, Dexter, loves going to the farm. He chases the farm cats and gets to really run around and get out some of his young pup friskiness out. Jim enjoys having a farm companion and is starting to train him to pheasant hunt. However, at this point, Dexter doesn't like the feel of feathers in his mouth so the training has a long way to go.

It was much colder than the forecast predicted, so after about an hour we were ready to load back into the truck and head home. I love the variance of heights in Jim and Ethan's shadows in the picture above. They are such a pair - Ethan is a little mini-me of his Daddy.

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