Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Day 2010

We did Christmas Day a little differently this year and I think we've finally hit on a schedule that works well for our family. In the past, we have done Santa at our home and then rushed to my parent's home for breakfast and presents. This year, we took it slow and spent the morning at our house. It was nice to leisurely open presents, play with the new toys and get dressed for the day.

Ethan got up at around 6:00 a.m. and rushed to his stocking first. Inside the stocking, he found a coloring book, crayons, toothbrush, dinosaur and a lollipop.

After looking through his stocking, he finally noticed that Santa had eaten his cookies and left behind a present. Ethan got just what he had been asking for and telling everyone about, Transformers.

I was actually worried that Ethan wouldn't like the Transformers since he had been asking for them because he knew his older cousin liked them but he never really was interested in them himself. However, after much talking up of the toys and streaming the 80's Transformers cartoon on Youtube for him, he was thoroughly excited by the time Christmas came around and Santa came with the requested toys.

Hidden behind the tree, Santa also left behind a small shovel that Ethan had been wishing for every time we went to Alco. It's amazing how Santa knows exactly what a little boy's heart desires.

After finishing up the Santa gifts, Ethan opened up his gifts from Mommy and Daddy. This year, the main gifts were a Lite Brite, toy computer, Wii game and Legos.

The boys playing with their new laptops.

After spending the morning playing with new toys, we finally got dressed and headed out to spend time with our families.

Our first stop was lunch at Aunt Janet's home. We enjoyed a light snack, as we were going to have a big Christmas dinner at my parent's home immediately following.

After visiting with Jim's family at Aunt Janet's home, we headed to my paren't home at about 3:00 p.m. We enjoyed a wonderful, early dinner of Beef Wellington and all the trimmings.

Soon it was time to open even more presents. Austin started with opening a gift from Ethan that he had made for specifically for him. Ethan says that it's a K-State Football'll have to use your imagination.

All in all, we had a wonderful Christmas holiday. We enjoyed spending time with our families and experiencing the amazement and magic of Christmas through a four year old's eyes.

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