Monday, May 3, 2010

Spring Calves

Spring time means calving season and my favorite time of the year to be out at the farm. You'll find us out there many evenings and each weekend working with the cows and enjoying the sunshine.

This little girl is my favorite calf so far this season. Aren't baby calves so cute? I named her Shelby but she's better known simply as cow #11.

I always name the cows, which makes my husband and father-in-law tease me. At first, they thought I would become too attached to the cows if I started naming them. But when it comes time to choose between the money that comes from selling the cows or keeping them as pets, it's pretty easy for me to choose the money we use to substain our family over a huge cow as a pet. So while Shelby is a cute baby calf, someday she'll provide for our family by being sold at the sale barn or filling our freezer for the year. I'm sure Shelby will taste great...cold hearted, I know. :)

Last weekend, it was time to give the cows their shots.

Hello Pansy

Protective momma cow with her baby. I can relate to the mommies that get so stressed when their babies are separated from them when we're working cows.

This weekend, while out at the farm, Jim took me target shooting. I haven't shot a gun in over four years. I stopped shooting when I got pregnant and never took it back up.

Ethan was busy playing on the swing set, so we decided to take some time to work on target shooting. Even though it's been four years, my first shot was a success.

Bulls Eye!

First shot, dead center of the cross hairs in the center of the bulls eye. Target shooting is a great stress reliever...I'll have to remember to do it more often.

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